Professor Susan Jack


Dr. Susan Jack is Professor, School of Nursing, Associate Member Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics, and a Core Member of the Offord Centre for Child Studies.  Dr. Jack’s clinical background is in community health and public health nursing, with a specific focus on family health and home visiting socially and economically disadvantaged young families. 

Dr Leesa Hooker

Vice President

Dr Leesa Hooker is a nurse/midwife academic and Research Fellow at the Judith Lumley Centre at La Trobe University, leading the Maternal and Child Health nursing research area within the Centre. She has established expertise in the epidemiology of family violence, women’s mental and reproductive health and parenting. Her research includes intervention trials, observation studies and systematic reviews with a focus on improving maternal and child health outcomes, and the healthcare service response to abused women and children.

Assistant Professor
Donna Schminkey


Dr. Donna Schminkey is an assistant professor at James Madison University and a practicing nurse-midwife at Shenandoah Women’s HealthCare in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  She has expertise in mixed-methods research, focusing on structural violence, stress and social support processing in vulnerable populations, and intimate partner violence. Her current research interests include service provision to people who have experienced a traumatic brain injury as a result of power-based interpersonal violence and the psychoneuroimmunology of adverse birth outcomes.

Dr Heidi Gilroy


Dr. Gilroy is an Education Resource Specialist with a background in both pediatric critical care and public health.  Her research is focused on social determinants of health and the intergenerational impact of trauma.

Past President

Professor Marilyn Ford-Gilboe

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