Our Priority Goals

Eliminating violence by advancing nursing education, practice, research, and public policy


Provide leadership and outreach to nurses and others in the sharing of knowledge and ideas and in generating support for nurses in their work on violence against women


Create supportive strategies to mitigate the effects of violence, abuse, and exploitation of women in our society

Global collaboration

Sponsor international nursing conferences to link researchers, educators, providers and advocates who work in the area of violence against women. Network at other major conferences attended by nurses, especially those that focus on women's health and issues of violence.

Our Mandate

The abuse and exploitation of women is a social problem of epidemic proportions which adversely affects the health and quality of life of millions of women each year. The Network’s ethic fosters the ideal of nursing practice designed to provide assistance and support to women in the process of achieving their own personal empowerment. The ultimate goal of NNVAWI is to provide a nursing presence in the struggle to end violence in women’s lives.

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Recent NNVAWI member publications

J.C Anderson and colleagues

J.C Anderson and colleagues


Impact of intimate partner violence on clinic attendance, viral suppression and CD4 cell count of women living with HIV in an urban clinic setting

E. Bauleni and colleagues

E. Bauleni and colleagues

Australian Journal of Primary Health

Intimate-partner violence and reproductive decision-making by women attending Victorian Maternal- and Child-Health services: a cross-sectional study

N. Glass and colleagues

N. Glass and colleagues

Global Mental Health

The relationship between parent mental health and intimate partner violence on adolescent behavior, stigma and school attendance in families in rural Democratic Republic of Congo

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