Welcome to Malmö!

Malmö 5

Around the city you will find several Malmö Info Points where you can get help and tips on what to see and do during your stay in Malmö.
You can also find tips for restaurants, activities and attractions in Malmö on Tripadvisor.com. More fun and events are featured in the calendar at malmo.se/evenemang. But of course you get the best tips by simply asking a Malmö resident.

Do you want to talk to Malmö Tourism, then you can find @malmotown on both Facebook and Instagram.

For information about the Malmö surroundings, visit visitskane.com

How to travel to Malmö

Malmö, the most accessible city in Sweden, the gateway to Europe, one destination - two countries, the list goes on and on.

Getting here is easy

Malmö is just 20 minutes from Scandinavia's largest airport, Copenhagen Airport. Malmö Airport and Copenhagen Airport together offer direct flights to 157 destinations throughout the world. And once you land, onward travel is easy too – trains from Copenhagen Airport to Malmö run every twenty minutes, and buses run continuously from Malmö Airport, stopping at numerous points in central Malmö.

… and so is getting around

The compactness of Malmö city centre offers not only a pleasant ambience and delightful atmosphere, it also enables you to explore the whole of the city even if you are only here for a short time. Most hotels and conference facilities are located within walking distance of the city centre, which means that you are never far from restaurants, cultural activities, entertainment and picturesque parks. The city's buses and trains run frequently and punctually, and there are plenty of taxis. The fact that most Malmö residents speak good English is another plus!

For more information about the local buses and trains, visit Skånetrafiken: www.skanetrafiken.se