The mission of NNVAWI is to eliminate violence by advancing nursing education, practice, research, and public policy.

The Nursing Network on Violence Against Women, International

The mission of NNVAWI is to eliminate violence against women by advancing
nursing education, practice, research, and public policy.

Nursing Network on Violence Against Women, International ● February 4, 2013


Celebrating the "Network" in NNVAWI

NNVAWI-Nursing NETWORK for Violence Against Women International

A network, as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is "a usually informally interconnected group or association of persons (as friends or professional colleagues)." For many NNVAWI members, this organization creates a friendly, supportive environment for nurses and other professionals to join together to promote our commitment to advancing research, education and policy initiatives with respect to the topic of violence against women. Our Network is our greatest strength! One of the privileges of belonging to this small (but growing) organization, is the opportunity to meet and work with many of the pre-eminent nursing leaders in this field. Plus, for those of you who have attended any of the past conferences, you will know that this is also a really fun group to hang out with!

As the member of the NNVAWI Board of Directors responsible for re-establishing our communication channels with our membership, I have a few goals for this year, which include: 1) creating more connections within our Network, by using the newsletter and Facebook to introduce members to each other by highlighting the VAW work they are involved in; and 2) providing the membership with frequent links to emerging evidence, projects, education strategies and policy initiatives as they emerge.

To help us all get to know one another, we will work to introduce and highlight the work of as many members as possible, including focussing on the very important research being conducted by our student members. We will also continue with each newsletter to introduce you to a member of the NNVAWI Board. This month, we highlight Board Member Dr. Camille Burnett who following some excellent "networking" opportunities at the last NNVAWI conference hosted by the School of Nursing at the University of Virginia was offered an Assistant Professorship at that organization!

I would like to thank Tina Bloom RN, PhD (University of Missouri-Columbia) and Jessica Draughon, RN, PhD (student) (Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing) for joining the NNVAWI Communication sub-committee. Over the next few months, you might just find an invitation from one of us, asking you to share your VAW work!

Furthermore, to ensure the timely dissemination of VAW material, many of you will have noted that our Facebook and Twitter feeds have become much more active lately. If you haven't already, please "click" on the Facebook logo in this newsletter to LIKE NNVAWI! On our Facebook page in the last month, you will find information and links to a broad range of international reports and news items. We would also like to use the Facebook page as a way to share members' Open Access Publications with everyone. If you have recently published in an Open Access journal, please send the citation to Susan Jack at

Looking forward to many future opportunities to "Network,"

Susan Jack, RN, PhD (School of Nursing, McMaster University)

An Introduction to Camille Burnett, PhD, Secretary, NNVAWI Board of Directors

Dr. Camille Burnett RN, PhD has been actively engaged with NNVAWI activities for several years. In 2012 she successfully coordinated the NNVAWI student breakfast at the conference in Virginia and at that same meeting was elected to position of Secretary on the Board of Directors.

Camille BurnettDr. Camille Burnett earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from the University of Alberta, a Master of Public Administration Political Science Degree and a PhD in Nursing, Health Promotion and Healing Stream from Western University in London, Ontario, Canada. Presently, she is a University of Virginia School of Nursing tenure track Assistant Professor and Roberts Scholar. Dr. Burnett has extensive professional nursing experience within the Canadian health care system in the areas of public health, public health management, public health provincial Board of Directors Board member, and as a researcher and private health administration consultant. Her involvement in nursing research activities include research coordination of the Managers Span of Control Study of Ontario Academic teaching hospitals and involvement in Intimate Partner Violence focused research. She has continued to be active in developing a program of research using a critical feminist lens to conduct discourse analysis of policies to examine the impact that contextual influences have in shaping policy as written and enacted, particularity related to violence against women. Presently she is a member of the Domestic Violence Enhanced Home (DOVE) Intervention Research Team that includes collaborations with several NNVAWI members including Phyllis Sharps, RN PhD (Johns Hopkins) and Linda Bullock RN PhD (University of Virginia). Camille is also a trainee of the PreVAIL (Preventing Violence Across the Lifespan) Research Network, and holds nursing affiliations in  both Canadian and US associations and organizations.  

19th NNVAWI Conference-ABSTRACT SUBMISSION EXTENDED to February 15, 2013

In 2013 you are all invited to beautiful Vancouver, BC to attend the 19th NNVAWI Conference on June 17-18, 2013.

Call for Abstracts is open!

Submission deadline has been extended to February 15, 2013

This conference will provide an excellent opportunity for nurses, social workers, mental health, counselors, physicians, advocates, community activists, policy makers and researchers working in the area of violence against women to share their knowledge, experience, research and practice through papers, posters and workshops/symposia.

We invite submission of abstracts related to the following themes for oral or poster presentation:

  • trauma- and violence-informed policy, programs and practice
  • violence, abuse and social action
  • structural and interpersonal violence
  • equity and inequities in health policy and practice
  • innovative interventions
  • transformative partnerships in ending violence
  • engaging boys and men in dialogue around violence

Submit an abstract today!

Understanding the Risk for Cardiovascular Disease Among Women Who Have Experienced Abuse

Engaging with NNVAWI members is an important strategy for graduate students who want to learn about VAW or collaborate with experienced nurse researchers in this field. It was through NNVAWI that Kelly Scott-Storey first met most of the investigators on the Women's Health Effect Study (WHES), including Judith Wuest (University of New Brunswick), Marilyn Ford-Gilboe (Western University) and Colleen Varcoe (University of British Columbia).

Kelly Scott-StoreyKelly is currently an Interdisciplinary PhD candidate at the University of New Brunswick. Her clinical experience is in acute care and as a Cardiac Clinical Nurse Specialist. Currently she is a lecturer in the Faculty of Nursing at the University of New Brunswick. Kelly’s research interests lie in the cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk of women who have experienced abuse and in understanding the phenomenon of cumulative abuse. In her Masters research, Kelly conducted a secondary analysis of data obtained from the Women’s Health Effect Study (WHES) and discovered that among a community sample of 309 Canadian women those who experienced intimate partner violence (IPV) were more likely to be overweight, to be current smokers and have higher blood pressure compared to women in the general population. In her current doctoral work, Kelly is using longitudinal data from the WHES to test a multivariate model exploring physiological, psychological, and behavioral pathways by which lifetime abuse can increase the risk of CVD among women.  Kelly is also a co-investigator on a new CIHR funded grant (2012-2017) entitled ‘Effectiveness of an Internet-Based Safety Decision Aid in Enhancing the Use of Safety Strategies and Improving the Mental Health of Abused Women.’ 

 Kelly has received numerous awards and recognitions for her research including a Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) RPP Doctoral Research Award (2009-2012). Recently her work was recognized at the CIHR Institute of Circulatory and Respiratory Health Young Investigators Forum (2012) where she won for outstanding poster presentation. Kelly was also chosen to attend the CIHR Cardiovascular Nurse Scientist Training Program (FUTURE Program) as well as the CIHR Institute of Gender and Health Summer Institute.

In reflecting on the value of joining NNVAWi,  Kelly explains, “Being a NNVAWI member and attending the annual conferences has been extraordinary.  You will often hear me joke that in my first presentation with NNVAWI, I looked into the audience to essentially see my entire reference list for my Master’s thesis!  The caliber of the researchers and clinicians that are affiliated with NNVAWI are second to none, and yet it is probably one of the most collegial groups that I have ever been involved with.  The networking, collaboration, and friendships that have resulted from being a part of NNVAWI have been invaluable in my own career and in developing as a new researcher. I am looking forward to Vancouver 2013!”

Scott-Storey, K. (2011). Cumulative abuse: Do things add up? An evaluation of the conceptualization, operationalization and methodological approaches in the study of the phenomenon of cumulative abuse. Trauma, Violence & Abuse, 12(3), 135-150.

Scott-Storey, K., Wuest, J., & Ford-Gilboe, M. (2009). Intimate partner violence and cardiovascular risk: Is there a link?  Journal of Advanced Nursing, 65(10), 2186-2197.

Engaging Non-Nurse Members to Join NNVAWI- Welcome to Dr. Danielle Davidov

NNVAWI membership is open to all interested persons, both nurses and non-nurses. Danielle Davidov PhD (West Virginia University) joined NNVAWI in 2012. While she is not a registered nurse, her program of applied public health research addresses clinical issues of importance to the profession of nursing and relevant to the NNVAWI mandate. 

Danielle Davidov

As a doctoral student, Danielle was afforded the exciting opportunity to work with investigators from the United States and Canada on the development of an intervention for intimate partner violence within the context of the Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) home visitation program. Part of her role in this project involved co-facilitating focus group sessions with nurses working within the NFP. From those focus groups, she became cognizant of the myriad ethical decisions that nurses face in their practice. A major theme that emerged throughout the focus groups was mandatory reporting of intimate partner violence and children’s exposure to intimate partner violence. Many nurses shared their experiences wrestling with the decision to report violence to authorities, and interviews with young abused clients in the study revealed fears of being reported to child protective services or law enforcement. For her dissertation, she wanted to quantify those issues in a larger sample of home visiting nurses. To accomplish that goal, she administered a survey to over 1,000 nurses in the NFP home visitation program to gain a deeper understanding of nurses’ knowledge, attitudes, and intended behaviors surrounding mandatory reporting.

In collaborting with several NNVAWI members on this research, she found that the results of her project were directly in line with the mission of NNVAWI. Even though she is not a nurse, NNVAWI chose her abstract to be presented orally at the 18th NNVAWI Conference held in Charlottesville, Virginia. Dr. Davidov has come to appreciate the power that nurses hold not only as practitioners, but as researchers and advocates of violence against women. She expresses that, "their expertise, compassion, and capacity to elicit trust make them ideally suited to not only address violence against women, but also to design and implement intervention work." She further states, " I have felt honored and humbled to work with nurses in the NFP program and through my involvement with NNVAWI. I am hopeful that my involvement with NNVAWI and important collaboration with nurses will continue throughout the course of my career."   

Davidov DM, Frost SS, Jack SM, Coben JH. Mandatory reporting in the context of home visitation programs:  intimate partner violence and children’s exposure to intimate partner violence. Violence Against Women. 2012;18(5):595-610. 

Davidov DM, Nadorff MR, Jack SM, & Coben JH for the NFP IPV Research Team. Nurse home visitors’ perceptions of mandatory reporting of intimate partner violence to law enforcement agencies. J Interpers Violence. 2012;27(12):2484-2502.

Davidov DM, Nadorff MR, Jack SM, & Coben JH, for the NFP IPV Research Team. Nurse home visitors’ perspectives of mandatory reporting of children’s exposure to intimate partner violence to child protection agencies. Public Health Nurs. 2012;29(5):412-423.

Study Participants Required: Registered Nurses' Experiences of Patient Violence on Acute Care Psychiatry

Kelly Stevenson, RN BScN a NNVAWI student member is enrolled in the Master's of Science program at the School of Nursing, McMaster University. She is currently recruiting for nurses to participate in a qualitative study. If you are a registered nurse (RN) working in acute care (adult) psychiatry, you may be eligible to participate.

If you have experienced an act of violence (physical, emotional, sexual abuse or harassment, threats or intimidation) by a patient while you were providing nursing care on an acute psychiatric inpatient unit, you may be eligible to participate in a qualitative study about nurses' experiences with patient violence. 

Participation in this study will include completion of 1-2 in-depth telephone interviews. Each eligible participant will receive a $5.00 coffee gift card for each interview completed. Learning about your experience is important to help researchers design interventions and supports to prevent and respond to patient violence against nurses. 

For more information contact: Kelly Stevenson at 

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If you or one of your graduate students are working on an innovative VAW project and would like to share your work, please email Susan Jack

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