The mission of NNVAWI is to eliminate violence by advancing nursing education, practice, research, and public policy.

The Nursing Network on Violence Against Women, International

The mission of NNVAWI is to eliminate violence against women by advancing
nursing education, practice, research, and public policy.

Nursing Network on Violence Against Women, International ● November 11, 2014


2015-A Year of Celebration for NNVAWI

In 2015, NNVAWI will be celebrating its 30th year as an organization committed to eliminating violence by advancing nursing practice, education, research and public policy. NNVAWI was founded in 1985, at an inaugral meeting held at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Next year in April, we will be gathering for the 20th meeting of this innovative network in Atlanta, Georgia.

An impressive number of abstracts were submitted for either oral or poster presentation at the upcoming meeting which is being hosted by co-chairs Dr. Angela Amar and Dr. Ursula Kelly at Emory University.  We would like to extend our gratitude to Board Members Donna Schminkey and Sonia Reisenhofer for coordinating and leading the abstract review process. The quality of the research, education and policy abstracts submitted by NNVAWI members and others working in the VAW field was exceptional.

Notifications of acceptance will be emailed out in the third week of November.

NNVAWI Archives

Dr Donna Schminkey (NNVAWI Board Member & Assistant Professor, University of Virginia School of Nursing) and NNVAWI "founding mother" Dr. Barbara J. Parker (Professor Emirita, University of Virginia School of Nursing) are collaborating to develop the history of NNVAWI for the upcoming meeting in Atlanta. So far, a packet of information from Janice Humphreys has been very helpful in mapping out the journey of this incredible network. Additional materials collected include a list of all of the meetings as well as an article by Jackie Campbell for an early issue of "Response," describing the first meeting. 

If any current or past NNVAWI members have any documents, artifacts or photos that could be included either in the history or the archives, we would like to receive the original or a copy. Electronic documents or scanned photographs can be submitted electronically to Barbara Parker at If you prefer, copies of old photographs or documents can also be brought and submitted at the meeting in Atlanta, GA.

 Additionally, thanks to a file from Janice Humphreys, Barbara Parker has created a list of all the NNVAWI meetings and their location. But there is still some information missing! If you are able to identify the name of the NNVAWI President and their term for the meetings below, please send this missing information to to be included in the NNVAWI history.


Location Year President Term
1 Amherst, Massachusetts, USA 1985    
2 Amherst, Massachusetts, USA 1987    
3 Concord, California, USA 1989    
4 Detroit, Michigan, USA 1991    
5 Orlando, Florida, USA 1993    
6 Seattle, Washington, USA 1994 Chris King 1993-1994
7 St. Louis, Missouri, USA 1995    
8 West Virginia, USA 1997 Diane Bohn 1995-1997
9 Austin, Texas, USA 1998 Diane Bohn 1997-1998
10 Vancouver, BC, Canada 2000 Dr. Barbara Parker 1998-2000
11 Madison, Wisconsin, USA 2001    
12 Adelaide South Australia, Australia 2003    
13 Boston, Massachusetts, USA 2004    
14 Portland, Oregon, USA 2006    
15 London, Ontario, Canada 2007 Dr. Nancy Glass 2006-2007
16 Miami, Florida, USA 2009 Dr. Janice Humphreys 2007-2009
17 Auckland, New Zealand 2011 Dr. Annie Lewis O'Connor 2009-2011
18 Charlottesville, Virginia, USA 2012 Dr. Kathryn Laughon 2011-2012
19 Vancouver, BC, Canada 2013 Dr. Helene Berman 2012-2013
20 Atlanta, Georgia, USA 2015 Dr. Marilyn Ford-Gilboe 2013-2015

Presidents are listed beside the conference at which they would have presided. A new president, elected at that meeting, would have started their term after the conference. 

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Conference Registration is NOW OPEN

To qualify for the early-bird fee, register for the conference before February 1, 2015. When you register now, you can also pay your annual NNVAWI membership fees.

Pre-Conference Workshop

Make sure to include your attendance at the pre-conference workshop as part of your registration plans. On April 9, 2015, a full day workshop will be held to learn about the work being done by researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and their work to understand and address violence and injury prevention.

Presentations scheduled for the pre-conference workshop include:

Mobilizing global action to address sexual violence against children: The violence against children surveys

Dr. James A. Mercy, Special Advisor for Global Activities, Division of Violence Prevention

What works in preventing sexual violence? 

Dr. Sarah Degue, Behavioral Scientist, Sexual Violence and Child Maltreatment Team, Research and Evaluation Branch, Division of Violence Prevention 

Key findings from the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey

Dr. Kathleen Basile, Behavioral Scientist, Sexual Violence and Child Maltreatment Team, Research and Evaluation Branch, Division of Violence Prevention

In the afternoon, all workshop participants will be invited to enjoy a guided tour of the David J. Sencer CDC Museum: In Association with the Smithsonian Institution.



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