Call for Abstracts!

We encourage submission of research, innovative services, practices, educational initiatives, or policy work related to the field of violence against women and the conference themes.


Oral papers

Presentations will be approximately 20 (15 min +5 min) minutes in length and grouped with 2 or 3 other papers in a concurrent session.  

Science pitch

These are four minute brief interactive poster presentations with two or max three slides to highlight the key findings & implications of your research – presented in a large room to all attendees.  


Presentations include 3-4 papers which are linked by a common theme, delivered in a 60-90 minute session. This type of session is organized by a group of presenters who participate in different aspects of the session. Individual papers may vary in length. The session must include time for interaction/dialogue with conference attendees.

Oral paper and science pitch abstracts

Your abstract can be up to 350 words. 

For research studies, include: problem statement, purposes and/or questions/hypotheses, study design, sample, data collection approach, analysis, results, implications.

NNVAWI is pleased to accept abstracts which address innovative services, practices, educational initiatives, and/or policy work related to the conference themes. For these presentations, describe the problem or issue addressed and its significance, the purposes of the session, the approach or innovation, lessons and implications.

Symposia abstracts

Your abstract should be 500-600 words, and include: 

  • brief description of the problem to be addressed;
  • aims of the symposium;
  • format (i.e. overall organization of the session, including number of papers, titles and order of presentations, time allocated for discussion/dialogue or any other presentation approaches to be used).
  • outline the issues/content to be addressed in the session. You may provide a general summary or include a separate brief (100-150 word) abstract for each paper.  Keep in mind the general guidelines for preparing paper abstracts in preparing your summary.

Abstracts close on August 31st. 

All presenters must register and pay for associated fees to participate in the conference. 

For questions or assistance in preparing abstracts, please contact